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Supporting Precious' efforts to raising her family

Precious is attempting to do something extraordinary. She has made it her mission to give a home to 10 children, all of whom are unable to live with their families due to certain circumstances, in a town outside Cape Town, South Africa. Precious is an extraordinary person whom we at Kanelbullen want to support fully. 

Join us today in becoming a monthly donor or SEK 200, which will cover the basic living costs of one member of Precious' family. All-in-all we're looking for 15 monthly donors to Precious' family which will cover their cost of housing, food, and electricity. 


Curious to hear more about this project or get involved? Don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll get back to you!

Org nr: 802459-2852

BG: 830-6938

Swish: 123 032 0028

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